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When working with stones, metals and minerals, I am reminded of nature and all the colors and textures presented. I want each piece to stand alone as a wearable work of art. I am inspired by love of nature. My pieces reflect that organic vision. Sort of woodsy with a bit of sparkle like dewdrops on a mossy log or a shinny new leaf. 

I think of my jewelry designs. If only that elegance could be captured in my pieces. Can I articulate the splendid colors and earthy beauty with electrifying designs? Well, I try. And that is somewhat how I think when I'm in the midst of finding pearls, semi precious stones, crystals, twigs, leather, feather; anything to trigger the senses. I begin by gathering all those beautiful hues, textures, shapes. Then I examine and decide what I'm going to do. Using the elements and principals of design, will it become timeless earrings, a simple bracelet, or necklace extraordinaire? 

With the jewelry art form you get to wear your art. It's useful, it's showy; it's sometimes demure. Whatever it becomes, my wish is for women to find that one-of-a kind design that will suit her spirit within, highlight her unique qualities and maximize her innate beauty. That is my desire; my mission. Lovely jewelry created especially for you.