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4819 Central Avenue
White Bear Lake, MN, 55110
United States




When working with stones, metals and minerals,
I strive to reflect nature through colors and textures.


 I want each piece I create to stand alone as wearable art and something that inspires the senses. I hope that my pieces reflect organic vision; woodsy with a bit of sparkle like dewdrops on a shiny new leaf.

Can I articulate that magnificence with splendid colors and earthy beauty creating electrifying designs? Well, I try. And that is somewhat how I think when I'm in the midst of finding pearls, semi precious stones, crystals, sticks, twigs, feathers, leather; anything to trigger the senses.

I begin by gathering hues, textures, shapes. Then I examine and decide what I'm going to do. Using the elements and principals of design, will it become a simple bracelet, intricate necklace or earrings extraordinaire.

With jewelry as art you get to wear your expression. It's useful, it's showy; it's sometimes demure. My wish is for women to find that one-of-a kind design that suits her distinct characteristic and wear it as though it were a part of her; relating to the spirit within.

I invite you to contact me when you are in search of something exceptional to add to your collection or an interesting new piece for an upcoming event. I'd love to hear from you!